Jhaque Danyel Stewart Leong Memorial Bursary

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Jhaque Danyel Stewart Leong was born on May 14, 1987. Jhaque was a bundle of contradictions in the most beautiful way. He wore a Mohawk with a man bun, a nose ring, earrings, and a full sleeve tattoo; yet carried a “Proud to be a Chemist” card in his wallet complete with the Periodic Table on the back. Jhaque’s passion for chemistry extended beyond the walls of the classroom; his intrinsic focus fostered his independent pursuit of knowledge and desire for deeper understanding.

Jhaque was twice published in Peer Reviewed Academic Journals as a Chemistry Student at Mount Royal University, Jhaque was encouraged by his professors to pursue higher academia so that he would be able to apply his extensive knowledge to current research and scientific advancements. Jhaque never passed up an opportunity to learn. 

Jhaque possessed talents in welding, billiards, guitar, golf, snowboarding, skateboarding and wood working among countless other areas where his skill far exceeded his years. Humble, brilliant, fit and humorous are a few words that define the remarkable man that he had become. Jhaque could instantly endear himself to anyone he met because his genuine, hilarious, kind-hearted nature was irresistible.

Jhaque was only 29 years old when his life was cut short by a tragic car accident on September 30, 2016. His life was short, but his impact on the lives of everyone who knew him will last forever. Jhaque believed everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dreams and live up to their true potential. 

Tragically, he did not have the chance to further his path in life, but he would be proud to know that future students will receive financial aid from the Jhaque Danyel Stewart Leong Memorial Bursary. Jhaque would have taken great pride in knowing that this bursary would help others further their own education and interests, so that they can contribute to the world in their own special ways, just as he always did.

Jhaque was the recipient of educational funding provided by the ISCCA in the past and we are pleased to name this Bursary in his honour.

The ISCCA SA is a proud member of the Imperial Court System. We are a social organization that concentrates on bringing community together. Through organized events fundraise for charities within our community, of which the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada has been a long time beneficiary. The ISCCA encourages all to participate positively and take an active role in advancing the health, success and friendship of our realm. In this spirit, we have created a bursary to reward and encourage those who are pursuing academic studies to continue to be active within their community.

Application Requirements:

Applicants must permanently reside in the realm of the ISCCA SA, which is south of Red Deer. The educational institution and temporary residence to attend the institution may be outside the realm.

Applicants will be selected based on:
A. Community Involvement
B. Financial Need
C. Academic Performance

Mature students are also encouraged to apply.
Evaluations will be received by the Secretary.
Applications will be made anonymous before the application is given to the selection committee.
The bursaries are to be generally in the amount of $500, however can be higher.
The number of bursaries will be limited to funds specifically raised for the bursary in any given year.

Successful applicants MUST attend the Annual Charity Ball in order to receive their bursary. A complimentary ticket to attend the Ball will be provided.