Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

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Greetings Esteemed College Members! As you know, Reign 45 is all about Community, Grassroots fundraising, and of course, our College of Monarchs! Help us kick off our June Fundraising by donating money to match your College number!
What does that mean?!
Well, if you are ICP25, then you can donate $25 dollars! Emperor 43? You can donate $43 dollars!  Have several titles, feel free to donate for each reign (we’re looking at you Hell-On-Heels)! 

Not a College Member, that’s ok! You can still take part in our kick-off fundraiser! You can donate your Birth Year or $45 dollars representing Reign 45!!!! don’t worry, we wont tell 😊 your age! 

Donations can be made through etransfer to (no password needed); or directly on our website though paypal at: Donate – ( 

Without the amazing Calgary Community and College of Monarchs, we wouldn’t be where we are today!
If you live in Calgary and have any bottles or cans you would like to donate in support of the ISCCA’s charities, feel free to text me your name and address/phone number to 587-968-1020 and I will be glad to come pick them up. Thank you!
In support of the community,
Regent Empress 45 Malibu Stacey