Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

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Coronation info coming soon

Where: The Hyatt Downtown Calgary (Hotel will not change for next Coronation)


All Anniversaries from Coronation 44 will be honored at the next Coronation along with the Coronation 45 Anniversaries

Coronation 44
40 Year: Emperor IV Chris & Empress IV Betty
30 Year: Emperor XIV Stuart & Empress XIV Ty Morgan
20 Year: Emperor XXIV Ernie & Empress XXIV Rhoda Stiffy
10 Year: Emperor XXXIV Fred Wolf-Would& Empress XXXIV Malibu Stacey

Coronation 45
40 Year: Emperor V Marty & Empress V Barry Doe
30 Year: Emperor XV Kris the Keiser & Empress XV Tiffany
20 Year: Emperor XXV Cory Carmichael & Empress XXV Hell-On-Heels
10 Year: Emperor XXXV Chris Tron & Empress XXXV Makayla Quinn St. Asia